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Amplified Conditioning and Fitness was created to deliver clients with what they need most, practical and effective methods to improve their health and fitness. We are dedicated to putting you back in control of your health, wellbeing and fitness through our own constant growth and education based around exercise, stress management, nutrition and lifestyle, with a focus on giving our clients a better understanding of these aspects for long term change.

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Having gone through a significant period of time ignoring my own lifestyle choices, eventually it came to a point where I chose to make a significant change. Part of that was going through the process of dealing with weight I slowly but surely had stacked on due to poor lifestyle habits which lead to 122Kg on the scales. This life altering change was slow and sometimes frustrating but eventually I got to a point where I was now a completely different person having lost near...

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Please, do yourself a favour, pick up the phone and book a session with Alex. You will not regret it.

I went to Alex for the PT sessions included in my 8-week challenge and walked out booking more. He took time to listen to my story, understand my needs and work with me to identify some goals to aim for as part of my training. I have never felt more comfortable and confident in someone enough to book further sessions.

I walked out thinking this guy knows his stuff, and ten weeks later, my knees no longer hurt and creak when walking; my shoulder doesn't feel like it's attached to my ear. Overall I'm feeling more even, stronger and with a weight loss of 3%. I put this down to the skill and knowledge Alex has and continues to build.

With his passion and natural enthusiasm about what he does, I can't recommend Alex enough.

-Samantha J


I joined the gym and started with Alex at the start of 2021, I had already been going to a different gym for a bit but the
whole gym environment was still very foreign and intimating at times.

From our first consult session Alex made it very comfortable and easy to set a plan in place my fitness goals. For me personally, I had an upcoming physical to pass for a job that had set my sights on and that was my biggest goal I wanted to achieve. Unfortunately for me this meant fast tracking my cardio , which I have never been a fan of. Safe to say I hated the treadmill with a passion. Alex pushed me to limits I never knew I had, his encouragement and support were always there even though I hurled him abuse and many if swear words during many sessions.

My cardio fitness has improved so much and I was impressed with how quickly and consistently I saw the change. Not only my fitness but my physical and mental health have had notable changes. Something just switched in my mind a few weeks into the intense cardio sessions
and I actually love them now. I really enjoy running. Which is something I never thought I’d say.

I would recommend personal training to anyone needing a little help with motivation and accountability with their fitness goals the gym can be very intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, and I believe a trainer helps breaking through that barrier.